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Our Products

At Poly Dynamic Resource, we offer a wide range of high-quality liquid photopolymer products, developed to meet the demands of two key industries, namely Stamping and Corrugated Flexo Printing.

Corrugated Flexo Printing Industry

  • MyPol 20 Soft Shore Polymer for Full Area Coverage Printing Jobs
  • MyPol 21A Normal Polymer for Short Run Printing Jobs
  • MyPol 101 HD Polymer for High Graphic Printing Job
  • MyPol FSI High Humidity Resistance Polymer for Long Run Printing Jobs

Stamp Industry

  • Polymer for Normal Stamp
  • Crystal Clear Polymer for HD Stamp
  • Solvent-Resistant Polymer Stamp using Oil-Based Ink
Liquid Photopolymer Plate Making System
Stamp Industry
Stamp Industry

Manufacturing of Cost-Effective Liquid Photopolymer Platemaking System

Liquid Photopolymer Plate Making System


PD 5080 AI Liquid Photopolymer Plate Making System


AGT 3050 Liquid Photopolymer Plate Making System

AGT 3050A Main Exposure System

  1. Air cylinder lift up system for upper light box
  2. Maintain temperature for lower glass
  3. Air ventilation system maintain stable light distribution
  4. PLC control for more accurate and easy control (option)
  5. Auto dispenser replaced the manual pouring method
  6. Auto base film laminator system

AGT 3050A Post Exposure & Light Finishing System

  1. Built under water heater rod
  2. A moveable net is fixed, making it user-friendly
  3. Safety limit switches for UV lamp
  4. Exhaust system removes ozone generated
  5. Dry-detack system for new generation of liquid photopolymer plate

AGT 3050A Auto-Washout & Dryer System

  1. Built in filter system for filtering & water circulating provide better washout result
  2. Build under water heater rod maintain ideal temperature
  3. Sticky plate eliminates the needs for double-sided adhesive tapes
  4. Double changing drawer


AGT 2030 Liquid Photopolymer Plate Making System

AGT 2030 Main Exposure System

  1. The light source meets international standard
  2. One button operating system enables low operating and labour costs
  3. The machine features requires low and easy maintenance
  4. Two programmable pre-set exposure timing for different plate thickness eliminates guess work
  5. Pull-out drawer for easy access to circuitry and lamps replacement

AGT 2030 Post Exposure & Lighting Finishing System

  1. This module was designed to be used with our new generation liquid photopolymer which has higher resilence, abrasion resistance, high resolution capability, tack free and long press life.

AGT 2030 Auto-Washout & Dryer System

  1. Built in filter systems provide btetter wash out result
  2. Auto water heater to maintain ideal temperature for efficient and clean washout
  3. Sticky plate eliminates the needs for double-sided adhesive tapes
  4. In-build buzzer for timer washout
  5. Double changing tower

Our Services

Aside from our wide variety of liquid polymer products and liquid polymer plate making systems, we also leverage our expertise in supporting our valued clients’ business operations.

Our team is well-versed in Corrugated Flexo Graphic Prepress.

Our unique and user-friendly online plate making division can help you to elevate your Prepress Department capabilities and increase productivity.

Our in-house plate making capabilities manufacture affordable and reliable flexo plate ready for printing within 90 minutes.

Our professional team is always available to assist clients to clarify and troubleshoot print problems.

Other products

Cover Film

The 200-meter cover film roll has designed thickness of 20 microns to deliver high resolution.

Washout Detergent

The minimal amount of the washout detergent enables quick and effective clearing performance due to the presence of concentrated neutral surfactant in the product. This product is suitable for flexo and stamp industry.

Base Film

We offer the 125 and 175 micron PET base film which coated with designed formulation to provide very high adhesion between the PET substrate and liquid photopolymer printing plates. The base film comes in a roll of 150 meters or sheets form.

Bringing Global Expertise with a Local Perspective

Our Group of Companies has four core business operations, namely Design and Artwork Division, Plate Making Division, Liquid Photopolymer Plate Making System Division and Liquid Photopolymer Engineering Division.